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Who We Are

I’ve had over 15 years’ experience in helping other people along their business journey and after giving so much to my previous employer I wanted to shape my own journey and create something really amazing. That is why I’ve decided to start my own accounting practise called 3B Financial Services.

3B Financial Services provides you with respectable and certified accounting services that you demand. The services we offer meet a wide range of both corporate and personal needs. After working with us, you’ll be able to leave your accounting worries behind and get back to focusing on the things that matter most in your life.

Family has always been very close to me and that is why I decided to incorporate my family into my business name (3B representing my 3 amazing children Blair, Boston and Bodhi).

3B Financial Services are also a registered tax agent so you can have complete faith in us with all of your Tax Office Dealings

3B Financial services are also a current Silver Xero Partner. We love Xero and would love to help you maximise the use of it.



Chartered Accountant

With over 15 years experience in the accounting industry, Shaun uses his experience and knowledge to guide business clients towards their business and personal goals.

Shaun prides himself on the close working relationships he has built over time. He likes to form strong relationships with his clients, understanding that the better they work together, the better financial outcomes he can deliver on their behalf. He treats people like people, not like a number (He deals with those enough during the day!). He often receives feedback such as you are not just our accountant you are our friend or we can talk to you about anything.

Shaun is a Chartered Accountant with a passion for technology, specifically, the impact it has on small businesses. As we move more and more towards a digital age, Shaun is intrigued and excited about where the accounting and finance industry is heading.

Shaun grew up in Murray Bridge and has been a proud local his whole life. He started his working Career as a shelf packer at Bi-Lo. He got employed in 2005 by a local accounting practice where he worked until 2020, when he decided to start his own practice 3B Financial Services

Shaun is a family man and with his wife Leah they have 3 young children, who were the inspiration behind Shaun not only starting his own business, but also the business name itself. Shaun is a golf tragic and you will find him most Saturday mornings playing golf in Murray Bridge. He is also a die hard Essendon tragic!