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South Australian Lockdown Support Payments

The South Australian Government today announced a Business Support Package to help Small Businesses affected by the current lockdown.

Yesterday it was announced by the Federal Government that workers may qualify for Federal Support if they worked in Adelaide and surrounding areas, but part of todays announcement provided support for workers in Regional areas who don't qualify for that support.

Does your business qualify for support:

To qualify your business must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be Located in South Australia

  2. Have an annual turnover of $75,000 or more in the 2021 Financial year or the 2020 Financial Year

  3. Be Registered for GST

  4. Employ People in South Australia

  5. Have a Payroll of less than $10 million in 2019/2020

  6. Have a valid ABN

  7. Have experiences at least a 30% reduction in turonver compared to the week prior due to the Covid Lockdown

How much can my Business get?

If you meet the above Criteria you will be eligible for a $3,000 grant to help cover business costs.

If you are a sole trader or a business who does not emply people you will be eligible for a $1,000 Grant if you meet the above criteria, with the exemption of number 4.

When will I receive the financial support?

The grants are set to open via the Treasury Website within the next two weeks. The payments will then be processes ASAP. They payments will be made retrospectively based on the amount of days lost.

What if I am a worker, what support can I get?

If you are in a declared Hotspot by the Commonwealth government your support will come from the Federal Government. You will be entitled to receive $375 if you have lost between 8-20 Hours of Work and $600 if you've lost more than 20 hours per week.

If you live outside the declared hotspot the State Government has said it will also provide $600 per week for those workers in regional SA.

Just like the business payments, these will be made in the coming weeks and will cover the weeks of work lost retrospectively.

There will be more information listed here once it becomes available:

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